MirGeneDB 2.1

2 Ornithorhynchus anatinus microRNA genes of family MIR-194 (all species)
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MirGeneDB ID MiRBase ID Family Seed 5p accession 3p accession Chromosome Start End Strand Node of origin (locus) Node of origin (family) 3' NTU  UG  UGUG CNNC Br Ce He Ki Te
Oan-Mir-194-P1 oan-mir-194-1 MIR-194 GUAACAG MIMAT0006999 None NC_041746.1 8009904 8009959 + Vertebrata Vertebrata No 1
Oan-Mir-194-P2 oan-mir-194-2 MIR-194 GUAACAG MIMAT0006999 MIMAT0007018 NC_041730.1 7219904 7219961 + Vertebrata Vertebrata No 1

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